Nellcor N-600X Oximax Puls Oximeter

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Nellcor OxiMax N-600X

The Nellcor OxiMax N-600x pulse oximeter is indicated for the continuous noninvasive monitoring of functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) and pulse rate. The Nellcor N-600x is intended for use with neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients who are well or poorly perfused, in hospitals, hospital-type facilities, intra-hospital transport, and home environments.

Simple, intuitive operation and easy-to-see display with dimmer and contrast adjustment.
Compatible with the complete family of OxiMax Pulse Oximetry Sensors.
Three display options: plethysmographic waveform, large numerics, and customizable real-time trend.
On-screen quick guide provides instant help to assist caregivers with monitor operation.
Convenient selection of adult or neonate alarm limits, and user-configurable power-on settings.
User-selectable fast-averaging mode (2-3 seconds) to more precisely track rapidly changing saturations.


Height: 3.3 In (8.4 cm)
Width: 10.4 In (26.4 cm)
Depth: 6.8 In (17.3cm)
Weight: 5.8 lbs (2.6 kg)


Measurement Range
SpO2: 1% to 100%
Pulse Rate: 20 to 250 beats per minute (bpm)
Perfusion Range: 0.03% to 20%
Accuracy Tolerance
Adult: 70 to 100% ±2 digits
Neonate: 70 to 100% ±3 digits
Low Perfusion: 70 to 100% ±2 digits
Pulse Rate
Adult and Neonate: 20 to 250 bpm ±3 digits
Low Perfusion: 20 to 250 bpm ±3 digits


Power Requirements: Rated at 100 to 120 volts AC (nominal 120 VAC) or 220 to 240 volts AC (nominal 230 VAC), 20 volt/amps to be compliant with IEC 60601-1 sub-clause 10.2.2.
Fuses Quantity: 2, 0.5 A, 250 volts, slow-blow, IEC (5 x 20 mm).


Type: Lead-acid Voltage: 6 Volts DC

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